Ineos hails success of hand sanitiser plant set up in reaction to pandemic

Ineos hails success of hand sanitiser plant set up in reaction to pandemic

Chemicals giant Ineos has hailed the success of a hand sanitiser it launched during the pandemic, which is produced in the North East.

Ineos Hygienics, which was set up at Newton Aycliffe in County Durham, makes hand sanitiser gel as well as wipes and sprays.

The range has recently won orders from Sainsbury’s and Ocado and is also stocked at Morrisons, Amazon and other wholesalers. In Europe, Germany’s largest pharmacy Rossman and French retailer Monoprix are stocking the range, while the company is talks with a number of continental retailers, plus chains in the US.

The sanitiser plant was last year established in a disused building at Ineos’ Newton Aycliffe site in just 10 days as a response to the shortage of hand sanitser at the start of the pandemic.

The company later decided to create a new hygienics division after seeing huge demand for the products. As well as the plant in County Durham, sites in Germany, France and the US are making sanitiser products.

George Ratcliffe, chief operating officer at Ineos Hygienics, said: “Everyone is now more aware of the importance of hand hygiene and the need for effective sanitising products.

“At Ineos Hygienics, we’re determined to ensure our hospital grade products are available to meet demand from the public, around the world. We will continue to speak to major retailers across Europe and America to help them support their customers during this difficult period.”

Ineos Hygienics has donated millions of bottles of its hospital grade sanitisers to hospitals and millions of healthcare workers in the UK, Europe and USA.

The business formally launched in July 2020 at the British Grand Prix, and last month ran a nationwide consumer advertising campaign across TV, outdoor and digital media in the UK. Further global campaigns are planned as the business looks to expand across the UK, Europe, and the USA.

Last month Ineos donated £100m to Oxford University for a new institute that aims to combat the growing issue of resistance to antibiotics. The donation was one of the largest in the university’s history.

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